Ponsbeugels Weber®

Geharde 60° kop ponsnippels gemaakt van snelstaal HSS. De schacht is gehard 62 ±1 HRC en de kop is warm gestuikt 45 ±5 HRC.

Materiaal: 1.3343

Geharde, ontlaten en geslepen matrijzen gemaakt van 12% chroomstaal HWS. Gehard 61 ±1 HRC.

Materiaal: 1.2379

C-frames Weber®

Hardened 60° countersunk head punches made from high speed steel HSS. The shank is hardened 62 ±1 HRC and the head is hot forged 45 ±5 HRC.

The shank is ground to a h6 tolerance.

Material: 1.3343

Hardened, tempered and ground dies made from 12% chrome steel HWS. Hardened 61 ±1 HRC.

Material: 1.2379

ACB international v.o.f. is in no way affiliated with Weber®. The parts advertised for sale are not genuine Weber® parts, but are parts made for and by ACB international v.o.f.. Reference to Weber® machine and numbers are for your convenience only. We reserve the right to substitute genuine Weber® parts in place of ACB international v.o.f. parts.